A day tour experience of Mombasa Old Town would include a visit to Fort Jesus, a 16th-century Portuguese fort that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort was built in 1593 and has served as a military fortress and prison over the centuries. Visitors can explore the fort's various exhibits, including the prison cells and the chapel, as well as take in the impressive views of the Indian Ocean from the fort's walls.

After visiting Fort Jesus, the tour will take you through the narrow streets of the Old Town, lined with traditional architecture and colorful markets selling spices, textiles, and other local goods. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the Old Town's rich cultural heritage by visiting a mosque or a traditional Swahili house, which showcases the unique blend of African, Arabic and Indian influences. Visitors will also have a chance to visit the Akamba Woodcarvers Market, where they can see the traditional art of woodcarving and purchase souvenirs.

The tour may also include a visit to the Elephant Tusks market, where you can find the famous elephant tusks that are carved into beautiful sculptures and other decorative items.

Throughout the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history and customs of the local people, as well as the significance of the Old Town as a major center of trade and commerce in East Africa. The tour guide will be able to provide interesting information about the history of the town and the different cultures that have influenced its development. Overall, a day tour of Mombasa Old Town offers a chance to experience the rich history, culture, and architecture of this fascinating area.


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