Beyond the Beach: Kwale’s Inland Wonders

Beyond the Beach: Kwale's Inland Wonders" invites readers to explore the hidden treasures that lie beyond the coastal charm of Kwale, Kenya. The blog delves into the captivating inland attractions, starting with the biodiverse Shimba Hills National Reserve, where rare species and Sheldrick Falls await. It then leads readers to the sacred Kaya Kinondo forest, offering a spiritual escape. Makadara Dam provides a tranquil retreat, while the historical ruins of Jumba la Mtwana take visitors on a journey back in time. Matuga Subukia Forest Reserve unveils the wild side of Kwale, and charming inland villages offer authentic cultural experiences. This blog encourages readers to discover the multifaceted beauty that Kwale holds beyond its sun-kissed shores, promising a rich and diverse inland exploration.


While Kwale’s beaches are renowned for their beauty, the true essence of this coastal gem lies in its inland wonders waiting to be discovered. In this blog, we invite you to venture beyond the sun-kissed shores and explore the captivating inland attractions of Kwale. From wildlife sanctuaries to lush greenery and historical sites, Kwale’s inland treasures promise an enriching journey into the heart of coastal Kenya.10 Fun Things to Do in Kwale County November 2023 | Expedia

  1. Shimba Hills National Reserve:

    Begin your inland adventure with a visit to the Shimba Hills National Reserve, a biodiversity hotspot that showcases the natural wonders of Kwale. Roam through lush landscapes, encounter rare species like the Sable Antelope, and trek to the Sheldrick Falls for a refreshing dip in its cool waters.

  2. Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest:

    Immerse yourself in the sacred ambiance of Kaya Kinondo, one of the last remaining sacred forests of the Mijikenda people. This UNESCO-listed site offers a serene escape, allowing you to explore the ancient trees, traditional shrines, and experience the spiritual heartbeat of Kwale’s cultural heritage.A thousand hopes as Mwache, one of Kenya's largest mangrove forests,  recovers | by WWF-Kenya | Medium

  3. Makadara Dam:

    Discover the tranquility of Makadara Dam, a hidden gem that provides a peaceful retreat from the coastal bustle. The dam is surrounded by lush greenery, offering a serene setting for picnics, bird watching, and a chance to appreciate Kwale’s inland beauty.

  4. Historical Charm of Jumba la Mtwana:

    Step back in time as you explore the historical ruins of Jumba la Mtwana. This archaeological site dates back to the 14th century and showcases the remnants of a Swahili settlement, including mosques, houses, and tombs. It’s a captivating journey into Kwale’s rich historical tapestry.Jumba la Mtwana - Wikipedia

  5. Matuga Subukia Forest Reserve:

    Delve into the wilderness of Matuga Subukia Forest Reserve, where dense forests and diverse flora await. Embark on nature walks, uncover hidden waterfalls, and connect with the natural beauty that defines Kwale beyond its coastal fringes.

  6. Kwale’s Charming Villages:

    Explore the charm of Kwale’s inland villages, where time seems to stand still. Engage with local communities, witness traditional practices, and experience the warm hospitality that makes these villages a unique and authentic part of Kwale’s cultural mosaic.Cove Treehouses, Huts, Diani Beach, Kenya | Glamping Hub


As you venture beyond Kwale’s beaches, a world of inland wonders unfolds—a world of lush greenery, wildlife sanctuaries, and historical marvels. The inland attractions of Kwale offer a different perspective, revealing the diverse and captivating facets of this coastal paradise. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or cultural explorer, Kwale’s inland wonders promise a journey of discovery and appreciation for the multifaceted beauty that defines this gem on Kenya’s coastline.

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