Exploring Mtwapa’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers: Rescuing and Rehabilitating Animals

Mtwapa, a coastal town in Mombasa, is renowned for its commitment to wildlife conservation, boasting several wildlife rehabilitation centers. These centers, such as the Mtwapa Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and the Mtwapa Turtle Rehabilitation Center, focus on rescuing and rehabilitating various animals, including monkeys, birds, reptiles, and sea turtles. Visitors can learn about these efforts through guided tours and educational programs, gaining insight into the challenges facing wildlife in Kenya. After a day of exploration, visitors can relax at Shanzu Beachfront Apartments, which offers luxurious accommodation with stunning ocean views.


Nestled along the picturesque coast of Mombasa, Mtwapa is not only a popular tourist destination for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture but also for its commitment to wildlife conservation. The town is home to several wildlife rehabilitation centers that play a crucial role in rescuing and rehabilitating animals, providing them with a safe haven to recover and, in some cases, be reintroduced into the wild.

One of the most renowned wildlife rehabilitation centers in Mtwapa is the Mtwapa Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. This center is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating a wide range of animals, including monkeys, birds, and reptiles, that have been injured, orphaned, or displaced. The center provides specialized care and treatment to help these animals recover from their injuries and regain their strength before being released back into their natural habitat.

Another notable wildlife rehabilitation center in Mtwapa is the Mtwapa Turtle Rehabilitation Center. This center is dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles, which are facing threats such as habitat loss, pollution, and poaching. The center rescues and rehabilitates injured and sick turtles, providing them with the necessary care and treatment to ensure their recovery. The center also conducts research and education programs to raise awareness about the importance of sea turtle conservation.

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