Top Holiday Destinations in Kenya

At the heart of East Africa lies the majestic Country Kenya that is graced with vast savannahs, wildlife, breathtaking beaches and welcoming locals. Craving an adventure buckle up and let’s take you through the top holiday destinations in Kenya.

At the heart of East Africa lies the majestic Country Kenya which is graced with vast savannahs, wildlife, breathtaking beaches, and welcoming locals. Craving an adventure buckle up and let’s take you through the top holiday destinations in Kenya.

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Nairobi is not only the capital city of Kenya but also doubles up as the heart throb of East Africa due to it the national part that is within the city that is the dwelling place of our majestic wild life including the big five. After a lovely game drive in the park we kick things into a higher gear by indulging in the most energetic and colorful nighty life that Nairobi has to offer. Nairobi ha an array of experience to offer and you can create lasting memories by visiting areas such as the giraffe center, the national museum, the bomas of Kenya

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This city is on a level of its own, adorned with white sandy beaches, tropical climate and mystical island its indeed a paradise. Mombasa is a coastal city located on the southern part of Kenya, the city is brought to life by the unique and diverse culture, the food and the people. As a holiday destination Mombasa has a lot to offer from historic sites such as the Fort Jesus, the numerous mystical white sandy beaches, the cuisine and the accommodating and hospitable nature of its inhabitants.


Taking the third spot on the list of largest cities in Kenya Kisumu is a stunning city located on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria. The busting city of Kisumu is filled with top attraction sites that will have you craving an adventure which include impala sanctuary, Kit-mikayi, the Kisumu museum, Ruma national park, Kiboko bay and the Dunga hill camp among others. Kisumu also has a buzzling nightlife that adds to the thrill of the adventure.


The beautiful Nakuru city is located in the heart of the great lift valley. The city is rich in culture seeing as it is a cosmopolitan city that is inhabited by majority if not all the 44 tribes in Kenya. Nakuru city is no stranger to the magical tourist attraction leading with the beautiful and majestic flamingoes found in lake Nakuru. These beautiful creatures are found in large numbers hence giving the lake Nakuru the famous name, Lake Pink due to the number of species of birds that flock to it, and from a distance, it appears pink in color. Additionally, the city has numerous historic sites such as Lord Egerton Castle, Soysambu Conservancy, the Hyrax Hill site among others. The city is also home to some beautiful and majestic mountains and hills such as Mt. Longonot and hills such as Poster Hill, Kibkogo, Kiptosogon, Kinjab Hill, Eburru and Table Mountain.


This fast rising town has made it was to one of the most sort after travel destinations in Kenya. Naivasha is known for its beautiful lake that is a habitat for the flamingoes and hippos. The Safari rally that was held here catapulted this town to the radar of travelers seeking thrill and adventure. Naivasha has a wide variety of tourist attraction that cater to the unique travelling needs of different travelers. Top attraction sites that Naivasha has to offer include: hell’s Gate National Park, crescent Island Game Park, lake Naivasha, Lake Oloidien, crater Lake Game Sanctuary Enashipai Maa Museum, Mai Mahiu Catholic Church and the Naivasha Raptor Centre.


Nanyuki is a town located 6.5 kilometers North of the equator. The town enjoys warm climate throughout the year making it ideal for farms, ranches, game parks and wildlife conservancies. Being approximately 2hours 4 minutes from Kenya’s capital Nanyuki has become an idea destination for road trips and weekend getaways. The adventurers at heart find this town to be magical seeing as it has a lot to offer including camping, rock climbing in the Ngare Ndare forest, hiking the beautiful peaks of the Mt. Kenya and enjoying the majestic view of the big five in the Lewa Conservancy


Diani Beach is a lodge location that is located 30 km south of Kenya’s 2nd metropolis Mombasa. It’s an exceptional break out from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, and a place of fantastic herbal splendor. Acknowledged for being one of the pinnacle seashores in Africa, Diani Beach is domestic to picturesque white sand seashores and clean turquoise water. However, you’d by no means understand it changed into this sort of pinnacle visitor destination, due to the fact the metropolis nonetheless has that untapped paradise, “locals only” vibe. This offers it that remote, sleepy seashore metropolis sense, making you sense like you’ve got your very personal seashore. If you’re seeking out a romantic and intimate seashore revel in in Africa, you can’t do plenty higher than Diani Beach.

Watamu Watamu is a Swahili town on the beautifully idyllic Kenyan coast. Surrounded by white sandy beaches and pristine forests, it’s one of the largest cities on the coast, but small for everyone’s estimation. Watamu is part of the Watamu Marine National Park, one of the premier diving and snorkeling spots on the coast of Africa and known worldwide for its natural beauty. Just meters from the shore, its shallow sandy coves, clear calm waters, and Italian influences bring you real Italian pizza and ice cream on the eastern edge of Africa.

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