Why tourists consider holiday homes over hotels.

Due to their relative affordability compared to hotels, the majority of vacationers today prefer staying in vacation homes. Due to this, there is a big market for vacation rental landlords or landladies. In classic tourist destinations like Naivasha and the coast region of Kenya, there has been an increase in the number of vacation homes. One can get a holiday home in the coast for as low as ksh7,700 for two people per night and a hotel for as low as ksh18,400.

Every time you begin to plan a trip, you begin to worry about your kids and pets. Vacation rentals, however, are unique. The majority of them welcome both children and pets. Holiday houses are tastefully decorated and offer a wide range of additional benefits and amenities including a TV, a refrigerator, wifi, and many more. The majority of the time, these amenities are included in the price of renting the apartment. In reality, most vacation rentals also provide the required amenities for other activities, such as tennis courts, gardens, parks, and swimming pools, so you can have a genuinely unforgettable trip. Living in a vacation rental means mixing with the locals as well as living like a native. The property manager, who is an expert in the region, can always provide you with the necessary things that you require for a good stay during your holiday.


Homestays are always more spacious and private than hotel rooms. It gives you your room to relax in a homelike ambiance and cook in your kitchen if you feel like it. It also allows for greater flexibility and produces a more vacation-like environment or, as digital nomadism is on the rise, a workstation-friendly ambiance. After all, just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your eating habits and preferences.

A hotel that pulls off the illusion of a house with other people living there could be successful. You could stay inside the hotel all day if you wanted to, as there are amenities including the lobby, restaurants, a pool, and a club lounge in addition to your room or suite. The constancy of space and service is the best aspect of hotels, especially those that have a brand to maintain. But if you live by the maxim “more is better,” vacation homes are typically bigger. There is unquestionably more living space, and the more expensive homes even have their gardens and swimming pools.

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